Lost keys to car or apartment? Purse stolen with your date alongside?

Smart Keys

Smart Keys! Yes We Can! Low Prices for High Tech Keys!

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Football Season Is Here!

Hide ya keys hide ya wife? Perhaps. One thing is for sure. Fans will be hitting the road this fall. Be it to the loveliest village on the plains, Auburn, AL or perhaps you're driving down from Huntsville to cheer for UAB. In any case, we've got you covered. It's always smart to go ahead and get an extra key made before you hit the road. If you live near the Hoover, AL or Pelham, AL Area, you should make an appointment at 261 Lock & Key. Please be sure to set an appointment before dropping by as we are often out and about assisting customers with their locksmith needs. If you find you have lost all keys to your car, truck or home. Let us help. We are more affordable than you might think. Some folks equate locksmiths to highway robbery. You won't find that here at UnlockItForMe. We treat our customers with southern hospitality!

Lost Keys and Lost Hope Are Two Separate Things

So you are a bachelor living in a rented studio apartment in Birmingham. Chances are, you enjoy the nightlife and spend time in clubs and bars during weekends. Tonight, you have just returned home with a girl and trying to find the keys to your apartment inside your jacket pockets. You are high on spirits and searching frantically but cannot find the keys anywhere. Lost Keys. Great. Maybe you forgot them on the counter of the bar.  Perhaps accidentally dropped them on the road coming out of the bar. You are cursing yourself and do not know how to handle the situation with your friend standing outside the apartment. Well, there I no need to become mad at you or start shouting as it will not solve the problem. The best course of action is to take out your smartphone and call a locksmith to unlock the front door. Lost keys is an easy fix for a locksmith. We can make new keys for your home and your vehicle in one stop!

Lost Keys? No Need to Worry About Your Safety and Security. Hire a Locksmith.

It is a catch 22 situation for you as you are not sure whether you should hire the services of a locksmith to make duplicate keys of the front door of your apartment. You start to worry about your safety and security and also the valuable household items inside. This is where the trust and confidence of customers come into the picture. Unlock It For Me is a professional locksmith company in Birmingham that has been providing its services to the residents of the city and the surrounding areas for quite some time. It has carved a niche for itself as a highly professional company that can be relied on and trusted upon. You can trust the mechanic sent by this company to maintain the confidentiality of your apartment lock. He will turn up within 15 minutes of placing the call and open the door for you in no time.

Unlock It For Me is a very professional and dependable locksmith service that has upheld the trust of its customers all these years. Their mechanics are so fast and efficient that you will not believe your eyes. They will open the door and give you another set of keys. They also charge a very reasonable amount for their services. UnlockItForMe provides their services on a 24/7 basis and you can call them up on any day and even in late hours. Just keep the mobile number of the company on your smartphone to be prepared whenever you face an emergency like this in the future.

We sell and program smart keys! We cut the insert key too!

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More Than Car Door Unlocking Services

Often times people think that locksmiths are just trained burglars. This is far from the truth. Locksmiths do much more than just unlock your door. In Alabama, professional locksmiths can help you secure your home. All too common are stories about a home burglary. You need more than a cheap lock these days. The trained locksmiths at UnlockItForMe can fortify your homes entries. Products such as high-security locks, or door jamb reinforcements can buy you time or save your life. If installed improperly, they could be useless! Don't risk your home security. Hire a professional Alabama locksmith service.

Car Keys, Smart Keys, House Keys, Your Keys!

Technology has changed over the years. Chances are you have a variety of keys. UnlockItForMe is your one-stop shop. We can cut a house key, a new truck key, and even program a smart key to your brand-new car! Tragically consumers are led to believe that the dealership is the only route. Car keys are far too often assumed to be much more expensive than they need to be. A local locksmith in Alabama can easily replace lost car keys. We have heard reports from customers that the dealership was charging $200, $300, or even $400 for a new set of keys due to a customer has lost all keys. Let's not even talk about early 01 Toyota keys. Dealerships can quote $1000 or more! Keep in mind, our locksmiths are available 24 hours a day.

Don't let your home be an easy target. Let our locksmiths secure your home

Prevent Burglary Before It Happens. Harden Your Home.

While you are away on travel, who's keeping an eye on the house? Sure, you have an alarm. How's your police response time? On average a crook spends less than 5 minutes in your home. Let's keep them guessing, on the outside. Don't make yourself a target. In addition to Security Cameras, your home needs to have locks that are not easily picked, bypassed, or manipulated. Conveniences are the number one enemy of true security. We take the extra steps needed to secure your home properly. Ask us how we can reinforce your doors against being kicked in. Can your locks be easily picked? Call us out to find out! Our locksmiths can discuss, then implement a security plan for your home. Don't think you're safe. Be Secure.

Lost Keys, Stolen Purses, Pranks Gone Wrong & More. We Make Keys.

We could honestly spend a while telling you about the ways we know of car keys being broken. Even more numerous are the stories about how they were lost. I can't say we've seen it all. Indeed we have seen a lot.
Our locksmiths have replaced car keys and house keys for numbers of customers. If you have lost keys to your vehicle or home, there is no need to panic. A licensed Alabama locksmith can gain entry for you. Should you require a key made that is an additional task the locksmith is happy to undertake. If you took a swim in the ocean, before taking the car keys out of your pocket, you may be in trouble. Saltwater and electronics don't mix. We have replaced the keys to a Toyota Camry, Nissan Sentra, and a Kia Optima where their car keys were flushed down the toilet!

A Locksmith for Lost Keys? I Have to Go to the Dealership for My Smart Key?

We don't aim to hurt any salesman's pride. We're pals with a few parts department guys, and we know they have to make sales too. When it comes to facts, locksmiths can program smart keys. In all honesty, we prefer that you buy the key from us, but in fact, if you are really a penny pincher (no shame!) maybe you want to order the key online yourself and have a locksmith come out and program it. Just know that you do not have to overspend by hundreds of dollars with these new fancy car keys. It's a trick in a way you see because gone are the metal keys, which cost money and must be specially cut. Replacing them are cheap plastic cases filled with fragile electronics, not impervious to liquids or resilient against drops or impacts. Theoretically, if it breaks more, you buy more, the dealership profits more!

Locksmiths Can Save You a Lot of Money When You Have Lost Keys

Go ahead and consider the total cost. It quickly becomes obvious. Hiring a locksmith for lost keys is your best bet Your 2014 Toyota is located in Oak Mountain State Park. You would need to be towed to the nearest dealership which is Hoover Toyota. The average towing bill is $100 or more. You're probably not covered for car key replacement service either. The dealership is professional and polite. They will explain to you why it is they are going to charge you over $200. Some dealerships even go as far as to tell the customer that the aftermarket products purchased from online retailers such as Amazon can damage their vehicles! Lost keys situations present a lot of confusion to the consumer. Do your homework. Don't be fooled. Your local locksmith can easily replace lost keys to nearly all makes and models of cars from 1999-2019. Exotic Cars Not Included 🙁

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