How to Deal with Keys Locked Inside your Car on the Highway?


When Things Go Off Key Call A Locksmith Service

You're en route to Memphis from your hometown in Birmingham, Alabama driving along I-22. You receive an urgent text foreshadowing bad news. After a frantic scan of the highway landscape, you pull off and park along the roadside, exiting the car hastily to call your family back home. You talk for a few minutes, however, when you return to your car, you cannot find the keys in your jacket pocket. Searching for the keys in all other pockets you find they are not there. Frantically you search for the keys on the road near the car but do not spot them. Exasperated, you look inside the car and find the keys lying on the front seat near the steering. Although you're somewhat relieved but also worried about how to open the door. It quickly becomes apparent you are in need of a locksmith service. Call Us! We're professional Alabama Locksmiths.

Beware of too good to be true offers for Alabama locksmith service. Bait and switch scams exist. Don't become a victim.
Beware of "low ball" offers to unlock your vehicle. It's common practice of "bait and switch" scammers to offer a $19 Locksmith Service. Later you find out that's not the entire story. Hire a licensed Alabama locksmith service

Deal Only With Licensed & Insured Alabama Locksmiths.

Fraud and Scams are So easy to find on the internet. This, unfortunately, does not pass by the locksmith industry. Therefore, it is critical to be sure you are dealing with an AESBL licensed locksmith. Alabama law requires that all locksmiths be licensed for doing locksmith service, residential door unlocking, lock service & repair and related work such as lock rekeys car keys, remotes etc. Dealing with an unlicensed fraud can be cheap at first. Buyer beware. Bait and switch locksmiths quote a low price on the phone, then once they arrive, the price skyrockets. Alabama has plenty of search results for locksmiths, verify that your locksmith is legit. UnlockItForMe LLC is Licensed & Insured. We work and live right here in Alabama. Our technicians in Auburn, Birmingham, Huntsville, and Gulf Shores live in the service area. Support small business, shop locally.

Keys Flushed Down the Toilet? Don’t Flush Your Wallet.

You must be joking right? Don't worry, we know you're not! We've had this call before! These automatic flushing toilets are something else! If your car keys have been flushed down the toilet, don't call a plumber, and don't be stranded at a gas station. In Alabama, UnlockItForMe LLC mobile locksmith service can assist! Furthermore, our prices are so much lower than calling a plumber to dig up your bathroom. You may think that because you flushed the keys down the toilet you are going to spend over $500. Not at all true. The lost key replacement comes in below $200 for most vehicles, excluding some advanced models such as smart keys. Our locksmiths show up quickly and replace your lost keys. Please note we will not be providing any services related to the toilet :-). You've already flushed the keys, don't flush your money. Call UnlockItForMe locksmith for a quote.

But You Don’t Understand...locked Out Is Not the Issue.

Is your situation different? Don't assume we can't help. Local locksmiths are highly resourceful. Therefore, help is but a call away. Haven't you locked the keys inside your car? Broken Car Keys? If not perhaps a list of other things has occurred. We have run across some crazy lock and key situations. This one time, (nowhere near any band camp we're aware of) a kid really didn't wanna go with the family, so he popped the key inside the microwave! He got his way! Until we arrived to make a new key for the frantic parents.  We have rescued thousands of customers. Some keys flushed down the toilet. Others dropped into a storm sewer. Even still some, run over by the very car they go to... Quite a few situations where the keys are locked in the trunk of a Hyundai Sonata or Elantra.

Our Team of Alabama Locksmiths Can Help You With a Number of Situations.


Just Calm Down and Place a Call to a Licensed Alabama Locksmith Service

There is no need to panic and call for help from friends and relatives on phone. Being that you are far away from your home, it will take a lot of time and effort to bring the duplicate car keys to where you are stuck right now. A far better option is to make a call to a reliable and honest locksmith in Birmingham. There are many companies providing locksmith services to their customers in Birmingham. Out of these, the most popular and highly trusted by the customers is ‘Unlock It For Me’. The name of this company is such that it is hard to forget it. It is a professional locksmith service providing company that is known for its high-quality services at very reasonable prices.

Keys locked inside toyota camry
Keys locked inside your Toyota Camry? We can assist!

Your Car Will Be Unlocked in a Short Time. Safely.

If you have searched the car keys and cannot find them, it is better to call up a licensed locksmith from UnlockItForMe. He or she will turn up in a short time once you have made the call and given details about your location. This locksmith will unlock the door of your car. If you would like, for an additional charge we can hand over a duplicate key to you so that you can resume your journey with confidence. Acquiring a duplicate home or car key beforehand is wise. Being locked out, wishing you had a spare... not so much. Plan ahead. Prepare for life's little speedbumps. We help you be secure and prepared.

Relax. We’ve Got This.

The biggest dilemma that most people face when they have lost their keys is to have complete faith and trust in the Alabama locksmith service. Some customers fear they will cut another copy key for nefarious purposes... Furthermore, customers are unsure if their vehicle will be damaged. Therefore many attempts at "self-service" are made. We understand your concerns. Let us erase your locksmith fears. Rest assured that Unlock It For Me is a highly professional and fully licensed company operating in Birmingham for many years. Our unlock service is safe. Weindustry-standardndard tools. Rest assured UnlockItForMe will not misuse the information about your car keys. Our locksmiths are background checked, licensed & insured.

We sell and program smart keys to most vehicles including Acura, Honda, Toyota, and Lexus.
We sell and program smart keys to most vehicles including Acura, Honda, Toyota and Lexus.

Lost Keys for a Rental Car Can Be Expensive - Without Us!

Time and time again. Frantic calls come in. You must return the rental by close of business. You cannot find the keys anywhere. This is what locksmiths exist for. UnlockItForMe employs a team of well trained professional Alabama locksmiths. We make car keys. Keys are made from "scratch", or a broken key. The locksmith will have a working key for you in minutes. Of course, we do need to verify your rental documents and identification to be certain everything is in order and legitimate. We sell car keys and remotes. Keys to most vehicles are in stock. We work with most insurance companies to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. No matter the time or weather, if you have a key or lock issue. UnlockItForMe is here to help.

We sell and program Nissan intelligent smart keys.

“But My Car Doesn’t Have Regular Key” - We Do Smart Keys!

There is no doubt. Smart things are the future. Losing them can make you feel dumb. Calling UnlockItForMe can save you from overpaying for your mistake! Car keys have already been upgraded to be mini 2-way transmitters. A common misconception is that a locksmith is not able to replace lost smart keys. A call to the local dealership leads you to believe your car must be towed to them. It is not true. The dealership is no doubt capable. It's Friday at 5 pm, you have to be in Atlanta by 5 am tomorrow. You have no time for all this. We stock many smart keys for Acura, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Nissan, and Toyota vehicles. Typically we can have most products within 48 hours or less should they be out of stock.

We Come To Your Location or You Can Meet Us

Our locksmith team stays on the go. It can be hard to catch us! Receive service on location at your home or meet us in a parking lot! Our tools are mobile. We can cut a car or house key just about anywhere! Whether you need car keys, house keys or some other keys, give us a ring. It's best to make an appointment with our locksmith to ensure timely service. Please understand each job is unique and some jobs may require "extended care" to accomplish the process of programming new keys when you have lost all keys. Modern vehicles have immobilizer and security features which prevent starting with an improper key. If your alarm won't stop honking when you unlock your door with a key, give us a shout! Many Jeep Chrysler Dodge vehicles require a remote key to stop the alarm. Stop waking your neighbors and call us.

Special Order Car Keys That No One Else Has!

If you've searched high and low and are unable to find a locksmith to make a key for your car, have you called UnlockItForMe? We have several sources for quality OEM car keys, smart keys, remotes, fobs, key blanks and so much more. All of our products are assembled in Alabama. Sourced from quality USA locksmith supply companies. We are able to provide keys cut by VIN to the legally registered owner of the car or truck. Most modern foreign and domestic car keys are available on hand, in stock, and on demand. Car Keys are typically in stock at most locations for vehicles manufactured by Acura, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Buick, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Nissan Toyota, and more! Certain smart keys for push-button ignition, or push-to-start vehicles may require a special overnight order. Give us a call to discuss your options and the price.

Nissan Intelligent Key Smart Key Jeep Chrysler Dodge Fobik Key Honda Remote Key

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