• Frequently Asked Questions

    • Will the police open my car for free?
      If you are dealing with a life-threatening emergency call 9-1-1 First.
      Typically emergency services such as police and fire only come out to unlock a vehicle under critical circumstances. For example, if there is an immediate danger, such as a child, or disabled person locked inside. The more technologically advanced cars become, it becomes more difficult to unlock them. Vehicles with electric locks are more likely to be damaged with “slim jims.” Police officers have also been killed by a vehicle’s side airbag deploying while attempting to unlock it. The best bet is to contact a locksmith immediately. Most auto clubs and insurance companies cover lockout expenses
    • How fast can you get here?
      Typically we can have a driver to you within 15-30 minutes. In some locations, we can have service completed in less than 15, wherein some rural areas service may take over an hour. We will provide you with an accurate, real-time ETA.
    • How much is this going to cost me?
      Our services are individually priced, we offer low, competitive rates to ensure you receive fast affordable service. Call for a FREE no hassle quote.
    • Will you damage my property while performing your services?
      No. There is no excuse for causing damages while resolving a lockout situation. Our technicians are carefully trained to use great care when providing service to our customers.
    • I have become locked out of a Kwikset SmartKey Lock, can you assist?
      Yes! Please be advised your lock may be a little less aesthetically pleasing after the service, as these locks present unique challenges for locksmiths.
    • Are you able to assist with the Ford MyKey features?
      Yes! We can reset or disable the MyKey Feature from your Ford Vehicle, and restore it to normal operations.
    • What is the easiest vehicle to unlock?
      Hopefully, you understand, answering a question like this could put you at risk. We don’t like to give anyone ideas that could be used for criminal purposes. Rest assured, we know what we are doing and if you are locked out, we can get you in quickly, safely, and at a rate that's affordable.
    • Are there any vehicles you cannot open?
      We don’t like to brag, but it is rare that we encounter a vehicle that we cannot unlock.
    • Someone told me I have special locks that can’t be picked. Can you get the job done?
      Depending on the situation, this may be true. Common residential locks typically can be picked by a professional locksmith. The types of locks that are extremely difficult to pick aren’t generally available at your local big box store...and you would remember if you paid for a Medeco High-Security deadbolt for example, which might sell for $129.95 for 1 Deadbolt!
    • I am about to move. Can you come re-key my home or business?
      Yes! We can re-key your locks! We offer “one key fits all” service.
    • My Key isn't a regular Key It's a Smart Key
      Yes! We sell and service "push to start" push button ignitions.
    • I have lost or damaged my keys. Do you make keys?
      Yes! We sell, cut and program new OEM quality car keys. We can originate or duplicate car keys.
    • I am locked out of my car. Can you help me?
      Yes! If your keys are locked in your car, give us a call! We can get them out fast! We are car door-unlocking experts!
    • Are you Licensed & Insured?
      Yes. We are licensed by the AESBL and covered by a General Liability Policy
    • Where is your store?
      We are a mobile service, we come to you! But if you prefer to come to us, that's ok too! In May 2018, we opened 261 Lock & Key located at 1920 Valleydale Road, Birmingham, AL 35244. Making an appointment is strongly suggested so you don't waste a trip. We're on the go quite frequently and therefore often out of the office.